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Why We Developed Omnistar Recruiter

The Omnistar Recruiter software was developed by a need to add more organization to the hiring and recruiting process. Most companies traditionally announce an open position and then begin collecting resumes from interested applicants. The resumes are usually collected via email by the HR departments that quickly get inundated by the bulk amount of resumes that usually come all at once. By simply looking at this situation it became clear that a better solution was necessary. This is how our Omnistar Recruiter software was birthed. Our goal became to develop a user friendly system for managing open positions, job applications, resumes and applicants. We then sat down and created a core set of features that we felt would meet the needs of most industries and businesses. As the development of the OSI Recruiter software continued, it became clear that our goal was also to make sure that the features we implemented were user friendly and could be managed by a variety of users with varying skill types.

How We Do It

Founded in 2000, Omnistar Interactive has been providing web based solutions to businesses worldwide. Our client base ranges from fortune 500 companies such as Xerox to small businesses with under 10 clients. Our core team of developers, support staff and sales persons work collaboratively to insure that all of our customers receive the absolute best product and service. Over the years we been able to streamline our processes so that each of our customers receives our devoted attention. All of these things have been possible from the strong leadership that exists in our company. From the upper level executive staff to management all the way down to the frontline support techs, everyone that works for Omnistar truly understands our vision and our mission to provide the very best products and services.

What We Do

The Omnistar Recruiter software is one of our flag ship solutions that is utilized by businesses and organizations throughout the world. We have integrated features and components into the software so that it can be used by any business that has open positions or by a full service recruiting organization. During the development phase of the software we consulted with recruiting agencies to determine what would be some of the most desired features. Over the years we have also made many improvements to the software by soliciting feedback from our current customers. It is our customers who are in various industries that provide us with valuable feedback which drives the development of our software.

Recruiting Software in Action

What Do Users Say

Omnistar Recruiting Software had been in the back of my mind for sometime as a contender for job site software. The cost, support and ease of use was a no brainer when making the final decision.

Jamie Summers

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