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Employer Management Module (Free Optional Included Module)

Our job board software includes a powerful optional feature that allows professional Recruiting Softwares to offer the employers they work with on a daily basis an account to login to Omnistar Recruiting Software. Once the employer has an account the Recruiting Software will then be able to easily get resumes, cover letters, or any type of document to the employer through an easy to use upload tool in the administrative area. Employers can then manage resumes and jobs that you have given them access to.

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Empower your employers through our Recruiting Software

Our Employee Management area allows employers to organized available resumes with an internal tracking category and each employer has their own internal resume inbox area. Employers can use the resume inbox area to organize and track specific resumes. Administrators can also easily upload resumes into any of the employers’ inboxes.

Our Software puts the administrator in control

Administrators have complete control over the jobs and resumes that each employer will have access to. The administrator will have the option to limit if the employer can access specific categories or even limit the fields the employer will be able to view when they search resumes. This is important for some professional Recruiting Softwares that want to allow employers to view the qualifications of a candidate, but do not want the employer to view the contact information.

Feature Details

  • Employee Inbox
    Each employer will have access to a separate inbox where they can easily store resumes of interest. In addition, administrators can easily add resumes to employers’ inboxes.

  • Employer Tracking Category
    Employers can easily setup internal tracking categories to organize resumes. Once resumes have been added to a tracking category the employer can search for a given resume through its tracking category.

  • Manage Jobs (Optional)
    Administrators have the option to allow employers to manage jobs. The administrator can turn on the option for employers to either add or manage jobs. This section is optional and can easily be turned off.

  • Manage Resumes (Optional)
    Administrators have the option to allow employers to manage resumes. The administrator can turn on the option for employers to add resumes, view resume or delete resumes. The administrator can decide what privileges an employer should have. The administrator can even decide to limit the employer to only be able to view certain fields or even just specific resume categories.

  • Upload Resumes / Cover letters / Documents to your Employers
    Administrators also have an easy way to give their employers documents. Through an easy to use upload system, an administrator can upload multiple resumes or documents to multiple employers using an advanced upload tool.

  • Create Customized Fields
    Our software allows administrators to easily create customized fields for employer profiles. This feature lets you store additional information about your employers for easy access later on.

  • Easily Send Resumes
    Our software allows administrators to easily send resumes to employers.

  • Advanced Upload Tool
    Employers have access to an advanced upload tool that allows them to upload multiple resumes at one time.

  • No Extra Charge
    Best of all, the optional Employer Management Module comes at no extra cost; just simply request it when purchasing Omnistar Recruiting Software.
100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Omnistar is so convinced that you'll love our product that we offer a 30 Day money back guarantee. If within the first 30 days after purchasing our product you decide for whatever reason it is not the right product for your business simply let us know and you will receive a full refund.

The Omnistar Guarantee.

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