• Create a Customized Job Application

    Customize Data Collection.
    Being able to customize the information you collect on applicants is invaluable. Our customized fields enable you to get exactly the information you need and also eliminate information you don't need, resulting in less time spent on each applicant.

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  • Employer Management Module

    Setup a Separate Control Panel for Employers.
    Control the jobs and resumes that employers can access once they log in to the administrative site. Once in their accounts, employers will be able to receive and manage resumes, cover letters, or any type of document for which they have been granted access.

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  • Learn How You Can Organize Unlimited Resumes

    Keep Track of Job Seekers From Every Angle.
    Highly advanced applicant tracking software helps employers easily categorize resume submissions and monitor job seekers. With detailed searching capability, quick resume flagging, applicant tracking categories, and even a fully integrated mass email system, employers can find the best applicants for the jobs they need to fill.

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  • Access a Built-in Document Manager

    Easily Upload and Share Files.
    Use the included document repository to store submitted resumes, cover letter and other documents. All documents are stored in a central location and can be easily accessed by users with the correct permissions.

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Omnistar Recruiting Software had been in the back of my mind for sometime as a contender for job site software. The cost, support and ease of use was a no brainer when making the final decision.

Jamie Summers

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