Omnistar Recruiting Software Product Videos

Click and watch videos to learn how our software can save you time with your recruiting efforts. Learn how you can increase your productivity by 200% with our software.


  • Watch the video tour (3:40)
  • Omnistar Recruiting Software Introduction Video. This introduction video will walk your through all the features of our recruiting software.

  • Watch the video tour (2:30)
  • Learn How You Can Organize Unlimited Resumes. Omnistar Recruiter will allow you to organize unlimited resumes. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Watch the video tour (1:14)
  • Create a Customized Job Application. You can easily create a customized job application from the administrative area. You can easily add fields to collect additional information.

  • Watch the video tour (1:05)
  • Easily Customize Your Job Search Page. You are in control of what information you want your users to search for. You can easily add whatever fields you want them to search for from the administrative area.

  • Watch the video tour (1:20)
  • Your Employers will Have Their Own Control Panel. You can setup a separate area for your employers where they will be able to login and add resumes, add jobs, search for resumes and much more.

  • Watch the video tour (1:10)
  • Add All Your Contacts. You can easily add all your contacts to your recruiting software. Once your contacts are added, you will be able to associate them with jobs and resumes.

  • Watch the video tour (1:08)
  • Access a Built-in Document Manager. Our software comes with a separate document manager to help you to organize your resumes, cover levels and any other document. You can easily share your documents with other administrators.

  • Watch the video tour (1:05)
  • Stay Organized with Calendar / To-Do. Our software includes a calendar so that you can organize all your important appointments and events in one easy to use interface. You can also add events for other staff members.

Recruiting Software in Action

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Omnistar Recruiting Software had been in the back of my mind for sometime as a contender for job site software. The cost, support and ease of use was a no brainer when making the final decision.

Jamie Summers

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